Chrome DevTools

开启chrome的dev tool 的隐藏功能:
* Update Chrome to the latest version
* Enable the flag for "Devtools Experiments" chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments and restart Chrome
* Enable the option "App banner support" in Devtools -> Settings -> Experiments (If you don’t see it, press Shift six times there to get all experiments)
* Enable the flag for "Add to shelf" chrome://flags/#enable-add-to-shelf

monitor 监视一个函数接收的参数并打印出来
debug 快速调试一个函数,在调用该函数的时候进入断点调试
top-level await // 会阻塞模块的执行
getEventListeners 获取目标的监听函数
queryObjects 返回 Constructor 的实例